• About

    Our Inspiration

    Inspired by the social and fun nature of kangaroos and the special bond between a mama kangaroo and her joey, Roo Crew's aim is to help jumpstart magical play, social development, and emotional connection between toddlers and their families. Roo Crew is manufactured exclusively by Boley. Roo Crew was designed from our US headquarters located in Southern California, where Boley has been producing safe and innovative toys for over 40 years. We recognize the world has a fragile ecosystem and everyone must do their part to help preserve this. We recognize the pioneers of a more sustainable world that laid the groundwork for us to follow.
    Our journey in making Roo Crew toys eco-friendly started off by experimenting with different organic materials and various recycled plastics. After much testing, we perfected the right balance! We are excited and proud to produce Roo Crew toys using our unique blend that helps us to safely reuse material and reduce waste.

    Improve Continuously

    We are always looking for ways to improve and make our products more sustainable and fun to play with! We appreciate all feedback. Please contact us at hello@boley.com with any thoughts, suggestions, or questions.

    We look forward to a long and wonderful journey building the Roo Crew brand based on ecofriendly toys.


    The Boley Team